Taswirar Casino na Yanar gizo na Estonia

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Loading ...Despite the fact that in recent years the Estonian gambling had to go through many difficult moments – it is the financial global crisis and the tightening of legislation from the government, and other negative moments – he continues to not only function well, but also to develop.

Duk da haka, duk waɗannan dalilai, don haka, sun ba da gudummawa ga "tsarkakewa" a cikin manyan kamfanonin caca. Masu mallakan kananan casinos sun rufe su saboda rashin amfani, amma manyan gidaje masu caca, maimakon haka, sun kara yawan kudin shiga. An ba da gudummawa ga wannan kuma bude wani gidan caca.

Estonia CasinoThe greatest success of Estonians enjoys roulette, but not far from it are gone poker and slot machines. Perhaps here would be to make the state lottery and Eesti Loto. After all, according to statistics, it is played for almost 80% of Estonian citizens.

Kodayake Baltic sun bayyana kansu da kuma son caca, amma the bulk of casino revenue in Estonia get from tourists . Daga cikin gasar gasar tsakanin Finns, saboda matsayi na yankuna na kasashen biyu. Kwanan nan, duk da haka, akwai wani hali wanda ya nuna cewa ƙananan gidaje masu yawa baƙi ne 'yan Russia, yawancin waɗanda ba za su kasance daidai da Finns ba.

According to the Estonian Ministry of Tourism for the year to the average is visited by about 800,000 people in Finland, at the same time they have spent 1.6 million nights here. In second place are surely the Russians are behind the Finns quadrupled. It is fair to say that these figures did not include those who have stayed with friends or relatives, coming to Estonia for just one day or come here on cruise liners.

In terms of age Russians younger than the Finns and Swedes. In contrast to the Scandinavian tourists, Russian more wasteful. They tend to choose not only expensive hotels, but also those in which there is necessarily a casino. And the money they leave behind much more than their northern neighbors in the hope of winning a large prize.

Lissafi na Top 10 Estonian Online Casino Sites

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Cin gaban kasuwancin caca a Estonia

The first casinos appeared in the country soon after ceased to exist the Soviet Union and its former republics gained independence. The pace of development of gambling business in Estonia is just incredible. Especially after the country became an EU member. Now the authorities introduced more stringent amendments to the laws governing the gambling business, but, oddly enough, they go to him only benefit.

Hard to believe, but four years ago, Estonia had about 200 different gambling (casinos, slot machine halls, etc.). They owned all this wealth of 19 people, among whom was a rather serious competition. Attractive investment climate eventually created a situation where the players do not become simply miss out on all the casinos. In the same legislative term does not include any restrictive measures. Anyone who wants to open a gambling establishment could do it in Estonia without any problems. Once the necessary amendments have been accepted in the market were only the big players and their smaller competitors were forced to leave.

We would like to note how cleverly the Estonian authorities sent the benefit of all its citizens more dependent on gambling entertainment. All the casinos are paying relatively high tax rate, while the bulk of the proceeds directed to the development of culture (46%). The remainder is distributed between the Red Cross and the financing of programs that allow you to provide assistance to those in need, including children.

These same tools organized many cultural projects and events: available books, festivals, removed the film and much more. Despite the fact that in Estonia and these areas are financed from the state budget, it is often used money received from deductions of taxes on gambling. In other words, players who leave money in a casino, and fund the majority of cultural projects and activities, and surplus funds from the treasury are other important things to do.

Dokokin caca na Estonia

While playing in the Estonian casino can any man, there are certain requirements for its visit. So, if you decide to go to satisfy the sense of excitement, do not forget to bring your passport or any other document allowing to identify you. At the time of his visit to the gambling establishment you must be at least 21 years. At the entrance to any casino visitors pass a simple registration.

Abin mamaki shine, lokacin da yawancin shekarun yara har yanzu yara za su iya shiga wasan caca da kuma kashe lokaci tare da bindigogi akan jiragen ruwa ko fasinja. Limited ga yara da matsakaicin iyakar, wanda shine 10 Tarayyar Turai.

Akwai wasu bukatun da kuma sanyawa na wuraren caca. Za a iya gina su a wani gini dabam, kuma wani ɓangare na dandalin hotel, nishadi ko cibiyar kasuwanci. Abinda aka buƙaci shi ne fitarwa.

Da farko a cikin 2012, ana ba da izinin ƙididdigar caca don ƙara yawan na'urori a cikin dakunan wasan caca na 40. A gefe ɗaya, yana yiwuwa a fadada kewayon nishaɗi akan ɗayan - mummunan ƙananan karamin casino, wanda ya kasance kusa da juna, ba zai iya tsayayya da gasar ba. A cikin 'yan shekarun nan, adadin casinos an kusan rabu da su, amma wannan bai tasiri ba a kan baƙi.

A cikin wannan duka ma akwai ƙari. Rage yawan adadin casinos ya jawo a cikin ƙimar da ke fama da caca. Jerin mutanen da aka aike zuwa ga masu gidan harajin haraji da kwastan. Mafi ban sha'awa shi ne cewa babu wanda ya tilasta ka shiga shi ba zai hada da - yana da son rai ba kuma yana dogara da shirye-shiryen mai kunnawa. Yin aiki tare da jerin bankuna, ƙungiyoyi masu biyan kuɗin kudi akan asusun masu caca da yawa kuma ba su kyale su zuwa masu ba da bashi ba.

Inda za a yi wasa a Estonia

In Estonia you will find a very large variety of casino . Kuma wannan ya shafi ba kawai ga babban birnin kasar ba. Mafi yawan wuraren da aka ziyarta da kuma mafi yawancin casinos suna samuwa, ban da Tallinn, Narva, Tartu, Pärnu da Jahhvi.

Yin wasa a Estonia

Estonia – this is a great resort that is perfectly suited to fans of quiet rest and the beautiful nature. Ancient Tallinn, famous for its spas Pärnu and Saaremaa – these places, as well as many others attract tourists from around the world to its measured over time, architectural monuments and entertainment. Is it possible in Estonia to go to the casino or play online casino? Let’s see!

Casino in Estonia:

  • Dokokin Estonia game da caca - bayanan tarihi daga 1990 zuwa 2017;
  • An lura da kuma katange masu yin aiki na kasa da kasa;
  • Akwai jerin wuraren shafuka da aka katange (haɗi zuwa gare su a cikin wannan labarin);
  • Ƙuntataccen iko akan baƙi online caca;
  • Samun shiga gidan caca na ƙasa shi ne shekaru 21.

Don ƙarin bayani game da caca a wannan ƙasa kuma mafi yawan gidan caca «Reval Park» karanta labarinmu.

Dokokin Estonia game da caca - tarihin tarihi

Estonia ta sami 'yancin kai daga Tarayyar Soviet a 1991, amma tun lokacin da 80 na shekaru XX na kasar Sin ya fara inganta masana'antun wasan kwaikwayon. Ƙididdigar wannan ci gaba, da kuma dokokin shari'a, muna gabatarwa a cikin tsari.

shekaraCanje-canje a cikin dokoki da
1989Ship "Georg Ots" ya zama zauren wasan kwaikwayo na farko, inda suka taka leda. Casino na farko a hotel "Palace" na Tallinn.
1990-1994Gabatar da irin waɗannan cibiyoyin sadarwa kamar wasan Olympics, Christine Casino, Kungiyar Play-In Casino. Yankunan da suka shafi lasisi.
1995Dokar N 580 "A caca". Yana yin haka tare da canje-canje da gyare-gyare da dama. Hakki na shirya a cikin Ƙasar, wanda zai iya ba da lasisi ga kamfanoni masu zaman kansu. Tabbatar samun lasisi don ayyukan caca (a matsayin ayyuka daban-daban - na shekaru 10) da izini don shirya wasanni na dama (damar da za a bude wurin caca a wasu wurare - domin 5 shekaru).
1997Tallace-tallace na caca amma talla a wuraren caca. Ƙungiyar ƙungiya ta masu amfani da wasan wasan caca Estonia.
2008Ƙarfafa doka "A kan wasan kwaikwayo" - ko da yaushe wata katin ainihi, duk masu ziyara suna ƙayyadewa, mai kunnawa na iya, a kan kansa don dakatar da gidan caca ya bar shi (daga Gamblers kariya). Ƙididdigar kai tsaye a kan caca Estonians iya saita Kudi da Kwastam.
2009Shawarwarin cinikin gidan layi na yanar-gizon - lasisi na masu aiki na doka da kuma hana doka. Kayan gidan layi na yau da kullum ya kamata ne kawai ga manya, kazalika da gano ainihi da wurin zama na mai kunnawa. Masu aiki na kasashen waje sun halatta ayyukan su na iya shiga yarjejeniya tare da ma'aikata na gida, wanda hakan ke aiki a matsayin doka a ƙasar Estonia. Duk sauran wuraren shafukan yanar gizo ba bisa ka'ida ba ne an katange ta hanyar masu amfani da cibiyar sadarwa, a yayin da jerin da aka dakatar a cikin ma'aikatan kasashen waje Estonian sun wuce 1000.

Casino na Intanit - cewa a gaskiya waɗannan dokoki suna nufi ga mai kunnawa?

In Estonia, in relation to gambling it is used so-called controlled monitoring system XCHARX that is, gambling is not prohibited, but under 100% controlled by the state. This applies to offline as a land-based casinos and online casinos on the Internet.

online gidan caca
  • Casino na Intanet a Estonia dole ne a yi lasisi a cikin wannan ƙasa, sannan a yi wasa da su gaba ɗaya.
  • Kasashen kasuwa na waje ba tare da lasisi a Estonia ba, waƙoƙi da tubalan. Idan ba a haɗa gidan caca a cikin "jerin baki" ba, to, zai iya zuwa can a kowane lokaci sannan kuma samfurin kayan fitarwa zai iya zama matsala.
  • Dole ne dan wasan ya zama shekaru na shari'a. Ana adana bayanansa a cikin ɗakunan bayanai na 'yan wasan.
  • Asusun da aka lakafta da kuma cin nasara - kudi za a iya canjawa wuri ne kawai zuwa asusun daga abin da aka ajiye (an yi wannan ne akan gaskiyar cewa "aka sanya kuɗi").
Kasashen da ba a samo asali ba
  • Ana samun lasisi kayan yin amfani da shi don balaga mai girma (katin asali).
  • Domin dangane da wasan akwai yiwuwar kin amincewa akan bayanan sirri ga Kwamitin Kwastar da Kasuwanci, to, gidan caca ba shi da damar barin dan wasan.
  • For legal casinos there are very clear and strict requirements, so the service they performed at a high European level, which is a big plus for the players.
TShirin shawarwari na iya buƙatar yanayi na dopolnitenyh

Tallinn, Estonia: birnin ofwers da casinos

Kolyvan, Rewal, Revel - don haka ake kira Tallinn kafin. Birnin domin akalla 900 shekaru. Sunan babban birnin na iya nufin “Danish castle”, “winter city” ko kawai "Kulle".

Tallinn – a famous European port and world cultural landmark – mainly due to tsohon garin . A wannan ɓangare na birnin ya kiyaye ɗakunan gine-ginen XI - ƙarni na 16, ciki har da adadi mai yawa.

The countryXCHARXs history is closely intertwined with the history of Russia. Not once Estonia was part of the USSR, but always striving for autonomy. In 1991, the country gained independence.

Casino a Tallinn

Tallinn - bisa ga matsayi na babban ɗigo, birnin yana da ƙananan, kawai 430,000 mazauna. Duk da haka, yana da game da 40 "caca". Casinos a Estonia ne duk wani gidan caca - wani karamin kulob din tare da na'urori masu shinge, ɗakin dakin da ke cikin otel din tare da ɗakunan wasan kwaikwayo da kuma, tabbas, manyan gidaje masu caca.

In the capital of Estonia, is always a lot of tourists – this is usually the Finns and Swedes are coming from Finland and Sweden . That is why the casino staff accustomed to guests and is able to serve them.

Babban gidan caca na birnin - da Reval Park to . Wannan shi ne classic (a cikin mafi kyau kalma) da ma'aikata tare da wani kyakkyawan hotel da kuma babban dakunan wasan kwaikwayo.

In da Reval Park to about a hundred slots, there are roulette , baccarat , blackjack and a poker room . By the way, in Estonia conducted several international poker tournaments, so that guests and city residents are accustomed to this kind of activities.

Casino mafi girma mallakar birnin na Olympics Nishaɗi Kungiya ne , which also has establishments in other Baltic countries and in Poland, Slovakia and Belarus.

An shiga cikin gidan caca ga mutane a kan shekaru 21, lambar tufafi ba - banda "sportivkah" ba za a yarda ba.

Estonia a kan taswirar Turai

Estonia a kan taswirar Turai

Tallinn abubuwan jan hankali

1. Tsohon garin: wurin da ya kamata ka fara farko. Tushen tarihi na wannan bangare na birnin yana zuwa karni na 13th. Idan ka ga kanka a wata duniya: dutse madawwami a ƙarƙashin ƙafafun, hanyoyi masu raɗaɗi masu kyau, gine-ginen gine-gine, kiyaye su a cikin kyanta ta asali.

At Yangon Yanki suna da yawa cafes, gidajen cin abinci da dukan ban sha'awa shaguna, boutiques. Kyakkyawan ra'ayin yin tafiya zuwa saman tsohuwar garin, Vyshgorod , wanda ke ba da kyakkyawan ra'ayi game da birnin da teku.

2. Kick-in-de-Kök: daya daga cikin manyan shaguna na tsohuwar garin, wanda ke kewaye - uzuri da tautology - wani bango mai bango. Sunanta tana fassara " Dubi cikin dafa abinci " - saboda yana da gaske cewa shirya mutane a gidajen da ke kusa.

Kiek a cikin Kok kusan 40 mita a tsawo, da kauri daga cikin ganuwar - mita 4.

Idan kun gaji da sha'awar wannan giant daga ciki da waje, zaku iya tafiya ta ban mamaki ta hanyar binciken da aka gano a bangon birni.

3. Kadriorg: the well-known heritage of the Russian Empire XCHARX the palace of Peter I. The construction began in 1718, now a museum located in the building.

Kadriorgtakzhe ya kira Ekaterinentalem - "Kwarin Katarina." Gidan da ke kewaye da gidan sarauta yana kewaye da ruwa, tsuntsaye da furanni.

Not far from the palace is the Museum of Modern Art Kumu, one of the largest museums in Northern and Eastern Europe.

Facts game da Estonia

Population : 1,293 miliyan

Harsuna masu yawa : Estonian, Russian, Turanci

Kudin : EUR.

For entry into Estonia citizens of Russia need visa .