Shafukan Gidan Lantarki na Gidan Jagora

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Loading ...Georgia is one of the few countries in the South Caucasus, where gambling is perfectly legal. Gambling industry in the country dates back to the days of the NEP, when the first casino opened in Tbilisi. However, they existed long (three years) and gradually turned its activities by May 1928, when all gambling activities in the territory of the Soviet Union was banned.

At that time, both in neighboring Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan, the gambling business is in a very difficult situation, Georgia casinos are open to all comers. Nevertheless, the issue of gambling and in particular the problems associated with gambling, is constantly rising. The country regularly been talk among legislators and ordinary citizens about the negative side of gambling.

Jerin Lissafi na Hotunan Gidan Lantarki na 10 na Gidan Lantarki

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The general opinion of the population about gambling positive, many people choose gambling as one of their favorite activities. A recent case study confirms that the Georgian population positively related to gambling. Georgians understand that casinos attract much-needed foreign capital, and with it the tourists players.

The Georgian Parliament is currently considering a draft law aimed at minimizing the negative effects of gambling. The proposal mainly relates to the restriction of access to the casino and other gambling institutions of the local population, taking into account salary. It is proposed to allow gambling only to those citizens whose salary reaches at least 500 GEL, and who have not less than 5000 GEL on their bank accounts. The proposal is still under consideration.

Wasan caca na yau da kullum a Jojiya

Online gambling in Georgia is absolutely legal. A special feature of this sector in the country is the fact that virtually all land-based casinos have their online casino sites. The online gambling industry of Georgia operates a number of local and foreign operators, since the conditions for obtaining a license in accordance with the law of online gambling in Georgia are quite simple. Play a game of online gambling in Georgia can be special interactive clubs representing rooms with computers connected to the Internet and set wuraren yanar gizon intanet da kuma kasashen waje.

Georgians love to play at online casinos in such clubs, but now more and more people are using for this purpose their home device – computers, mobile phones and so on.

Recently, the Parliament of Georgia considered the initiative to ban advertising of gambling in the country. A yayin da wannan tsari zai karbi ikon doka, kuma ƙuntatawa zai shafi shafukan yanar gizo. Har ila yau, wannan tsari ya samar da karin iko a kan cin zarafi ga mutane a cikin shekarun ƙananan ƙananan, kuma hakan ya fi dacewa ga duk wani rashin adalci a bangaren masu aiki.

Jojiya Kan layi - Lafiya a Jojiya

Georgia – is a sunny country with beautiful nature and excellent conditions for recreation and tourism. Local folklore and gourmet cuisine, as well as the hospitality of the people attracted to this country with people from all over the world. The conditions for gambling in land-based format, and the online allow enough to enjoy the game. But we will talk about later. So, CasinoToplists sent to Tbilisi!

Casino in Georgia:

  • Tarihin caca;
  • Land-based casinos games in Georgia have a presence on the Internet;
  • There are both Georgian and international operators;
  • Tana la'akari da lissafin da za ta ƙara samun damar yin amfani da albarkatun masu yin amfani da layi na duniya;
  • Yaya za a kunna gidan caca kan layi? Shirin mataki na mataki;
  • Location Georgia and brief historical background;
  • Attractions Tbilisi;
  • Interesting facts about Georgia and Georgians;

Wasan caca na yau da kullum a Georgia - tarihin tarihi

Kafin mu bayyana halin yanzu game da caca a cikin layi na kasar, muna ba da cikakken bayani game da tarihin caca a Jojiya.

shekaraCanje-canje a cikin dokoki da
1801 - 1922Georgia is a part of the Russian Empire and follows its requirements with respect to gambling. In 1918, a brief period of independence, and in 1922, together with Armenia and Azerbaijan became part of the Transcaucasian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. In 1920 in Tiflis has 2 casinos and opened its own factory for the production of playing cards. Article 235 of the Criminal Code of the GSPC against the organization of illegal gambling activities XCHARX imprisonment up to 3 years, and possible confiscation of property.
1959Tbilisi yana bayar da racetrack betting tare da. Da yawa kasuwancin caca doka.
1990Kasuwancin biyan kuɗi suna da matsayin doka. Casino na farko «Ori Juja» a Tbilisi.
1991Georgia ta sami 'yancin kai. Sosbstvennoe hali game da caca.
1992Shugaban kasar Zviad Gamsakhurdia ya ba da ka'idojin farko "A kan inganta ka'idojin lotteries da sauran caca a Jamhuriyar Georgia." Samun lasisin gidan caca.
1997Lambar haraji.
2000Shugaba Eduard Shevardnadze ya gabatar da wata doka don dakatar da caca. An ƙi aikin. A wannan lokaci a Jojiya yana aiki fiye da 20 casinos, 18 daga cikinsu suna cikin Tbilisi.
2002Dokar 1426-Sun "Dangane da bayar da lasisi da izini don kasuwanci." Sabuwar yanayi don bayar da lasisi da izini.
2003Eduard Shevardnadze, once again attempts to ban gambling business, but it succeeded by President Mikheil Saakashvili in 2004. The state monopoly on the lottery.
2005Dokar № 1180 "A kan ƙungiyar lotteries, caca da sauran wasanni masu amfani." Yana aiki har zuwa yau, tare da gyare-gyaren da yawa.
2014The country has 94 gambling enterprises. Most open casinos and betting shops in Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi follow him. Besides Georgian citizens among directors are citizens of Russia, Turkey, Armenia and the United Kingdom.
2000 - 2017Wasan caca na yau da kullum. Kusan dukkan wuraren casinos na ƙasa, waɗanda suke da lasisi na hukuma, suna bude wuraren yanar gizon su tare da wasannin layi. Kasuwancin wasanni na duniya suna da kyauta.

(Bayani daga littattafan Eugene Kovtun "Abin farin cikin kasar Soviets")

A wace hanya ita ce kasuwancin caca ta yanar gizo?

Most likely, in the long term in Georgia will be developed a draft law on online gambling to foreign operators. They are the weakest link in the issue of control over gambling by the state. Land and online casinos will be obliged to more carefully check their players for the age of majority, as well as developing a system to combat gaming zavisimostyu- Gamblers.

Wannan a gaskiya waɗannan dokoki suna nufi ga mai kunnawa?

  1. There is Georgian land-based casino? Look for it also in the online format. Organization of online casinos without adequate terrestrial analogue with a valid license on the territory of Georgia is prohibited. That is, if you play in the Georgian operator in Georgia has no casino of the same name – it is not legal;
  2. You can play in any international online casino , which has its own license. It is not contrary to the laws. International operators are not blocked, as it happens, for example, in the Russian Federation.

A gaskiya, zaka iya wasa a cikin gidan caca ba tare da lasisi ba, amma sai ka yi haka a hadarinka.

Ƙarshe: Mai kunnawa na yanar gizo za ta iya zaɓar tsakanin shaguna na ƙasar da aka wakilci Jojiya a cikin tsarin yanar gizo da masu aiki na duniya.

Yadda za a fara fara wasa a gidan caca a Georgia?

  1. Zabi gidan caca kan layi . Yadda za a kare kanka a lokacin da zaɓar mai aiki na kasa da kasa? Yi amfani da jerin abubuwan da aka amince da mu. An kafa shi a gefen dama.
  2. Yanayin ilmantarwa . Bincike duk bayanan da ke kan gidan yanar gizon gidan layi (sharuɗɗan lasisi na ajiya da kuma janyewar zabin, kwarewa da wajaba idan akwai amsa daga gidan caca (adireshin yanar gizo, adireshin, lambobin waya).
  3. Read player reviews about this online resource in the network. Remember, not all reviews are real, and can be customized.
  4. Tallan Kuɗi . Menene gidan caca ya ba da damar don ƙara ko janye kudi? (Ta hanyar WebMoney, katunan bashi da katunan kuɗi ta hanyar Visa, Yandex, da dai sauransu. Menene sharuddan janye kudi? Me ke da kyau a gare ku?
  5. Jigon wasanni . Menene wasannin da yawa da aka bayar, wannan gidan caca? Akwai wani abu da zai dace da ku kuma kuna so?
  6. Free wasanni . Lokacin da damar da za a yi a yanayin gwajin farko, gwada yin hakan. Kawai a kan "wrappers". Saboda haka zai zama mafi mahimmanci idan kun yi wasa kuma idan ya dace. Bugu da ƙari, a wasu wasanni, kamar baccarat ko keno ba abu ne mai ban sha'awa ba don karanta dokoki a gaba. Muna kiranka ka koyi game da bambancin dabaru da kuma tsarin da za su iya taimaka maka wajen sarrafawa da kuma ciyar da bankin ku.

Location Georgia da kuma taƙaitaccen tarihin tarihi

Georgia is located in the Near East, it has an outlet to the Black Sea. Nearest neighbors states are Russia , Armenia , Turkey , Azerbaijan .

Kasashen da ke yanzu suna da yawa har ma a wannan karni na shekara ta biyu BC Zamanin Golden na Georgia ya faru a zamanin Sarauniya Tamara a XII-XIII ƙarni. Har sai gwamnatin ta sake karya lokaci na yanzu, shi ya shiga yakin, sojan soja da abokan siyasa. Abubuwan da suke bayarwa yanzu a cikin 1918. Bayan shekaru masu yawa a cikin USSR.

A 1991, bayan faduwar Soviet Union, Georgia ta sake zama mai zaman kanta, kuma a cikin 1992 ya shiga Majalisar Dinkin Duniya. A yau, ƙasar tana da gida a kusa da mutane miliyan 4.5. Shi ne shugaban Giorgi Margvelashvili da Firayim Minista - Irakli Garibashvili.

Georgia a taswirar Asiya

Georgia a taswirar Asiya

Tbilisi abubuwan jan hankali

  1. Ikklisiyar Triniti Mai Tsarki na Tbilisi . Wannan shine sunan mahaifiyar Triniti Mai Tsarki a Tbilissi. Location: Georgia, Tbilisi, Elia Hill. Ikilisiyar Orthodox na matasa, wanda Archil Mindiashvili ya tsara - daya daga cikin manyan gine-ginen Tbilisi.
  2. Nerikala . Adireshin: Mount Mtatsminda a Tbilisi. Ƙananan gutsutsiyoyi na ɗakin ganuwar sun kasance cikin karni na IV.
  3. Ƙungiyar Turtle . Location: gindin arewacin Mount Mtatsminda, 3 kilomita daga Tbilisi. Gidan shakatawa na musamman, wanda ke da motar mota.
  4. Anchiskhati . Adireshin: st. Shavteli, 9, Tbilisi. Ikilisiya ta Orthodox na Georgian mafi girma a kasar, wanda ya koma karni na VI. A cewar labarin, aka gina shi tare da Sarkin Iberia Udzharmeli.
  5. Keshvati . Adress: Shota Rustaveli, Tbilisi .. The Orthodox Church of St. George a farkon karni na ashirin.

Gaskiya mai ban sha'awa game da Georgia da Georgians

  • Georgia – a country name, which came from the Arabic language. Self-designation is Sakartvelo.
  • Iberia – it was the name of the territory of Georgia in the III century BC. e. Today is the name of Spain, and this is no accident. The ancestors of the Spaniards came was from Georgia. Unique to Europe, the Basque language is similar to Georgian.
  • Russian language is not very popular in the country, it is understood mostly older people. For non-Russian youth better handle on English.
  • A kan yawan mutanen 1 shekaru. 770 shekaru dubu, da Georgia, da kuma tsohuwar zaren, wanda 34 dubu. Shekaru.

Dokar caca a Jojiya tana cikin kudaden shiga sabis - jiki na musamman a karkashin ma'aikatar kudi. Manufarta ita ce ƙirƙirar yanayi wanda ke haifar da kasuwanci, da kuma samun sauƙi da tsaftace haraji akan caca.

Dokokin game da caca a Jojiya
Georgia Revenue Service

Dokokin wasan kwaikwayon na Georgia ya dogara ne akan manufofin biyu:

  • tabbatar da adalci da budewa na masana'antu;
  • kare yara da masu cutar daga cutar, wanda zai haifar da caca.

Organizing gambling in Georgia, the entrepreneur can choose one or more areas of work include a casino, slot machines, table games, sports betting, bingo, lotto and lotteries. Issuing permits, as well as the regulation and control of the organizers of gambling carries Revenue Service (United Tax and Customs Administration).

By law, all the permits to open gambling in Georgia can be obtained in electronic form, there is no need to attend the tax administration. The document is valid for five years for a casino slot machine halls, betting offices or firms with bingo or bingo, and one year in the case of lotteries. Companies that received permission for a casino or slots, may request the document separately for desktop gaming. It will be valid until the period came the main resolution.

Casino a Jojiya: Haraji

Dokar ta bayar da ku] a] e na shekara-shekara da kuma kwata-kwata ga daban-daban na caca. Kwanan kuɗi na shekara-shekara don yarda - yana da adadin kuɗin da aka biya a daidai daidaitawa akai-akai. An yi caji sau hudu a kowace shekara don kowane abu da aka yi amfani da shi don caca. Adadin su ya bambanta dangane da filin caca da kuma yankin da aka kafa cibiyar.

Tax rates a Jojiya

Tariffs sosai canji. Yawancin waɗannan suna shafar wurin wurin ma'aikata, alal misali, haraji a Tbilisi, fiye da sauran wurare, amma sha'awar caca ya fi girma. Don izinin buɗe gidan caca a nan a Jojiya za a biya GEL 5 miliyan a shekara a kan ramummuka -. GEL 1 miliyan Mai mallakar gidan caca na gida ya bude uku daga cikin wasanni na kulob din ba tare da haraji a kowace shekara ba, ga majiyoyin slot - wannan kulob din.

Wasu shaguna na Georgia suna da cikakken kyauta daga biya na shekara-shekara. A cikin Batumi, Kobuletti, Khelvachauri, Anaklia da Ganmukhuri baza su iya biyan harajin ba, daga ginin 80 zuwa 100 hotel din kusa. A yankin Gudauri, Kazbegi, Bakuriani, Tskaltubo da Sighnaghi casino sun kare kansu daga cikinta. A cikin hoto hoton launi ya nuna wa] annan cibiyoyin da suka kar ~ a amfani da 100 +, gine-ginen, dakunan ja - 80, kore - a cikin dukan yanayi.caca Jojiya

Sabis na Kuɗi na cikin gida zai cajin wasu karin kuɗi zuwa caca:

  • haraji akan biyan kuɗi na mutum (sakamakon) - 20%;
  • haraji - har zuwa 1%;
  • Asusun shigar da kuɗi - 15%;
  • haraji don alhakin da aka gudanar a yayin gasar - 20%.

Clubs desktop gaming, slot machine halls and sportsbooks released from the obligation to install cash registers for accounting rates. They should use them only if you provide additional services, such as selling drinks or food.

bada izinin lokacin kasuwanci a cikin Jojiya - 20 kwanakin. Zaka iya samun shi kyauta. Idan an buƙatar daftarin aikin gaggawa, zai yiwu a biya GEL 400 ($ 160) - zai kasance a shirye a cikin kwanakin 10, GEL 800 (320 $) - 5 kwanakin ko GEL 2 dubu ($ 800.) - don 1 ranar.

Online Casino Jojiya

Separate permits for the organization of online casinos are not issued, as do such projects can only be owners of real institutions with a license. They have the right to manage the site with casino, slots, sports betting and lottery drawing. Foreign competitors they do not threaten – to offshore companies by law are prohibited from gambling in Georgia, so promising market is completely free for local entrepreneurs.

Bisa ga sakamakon aiki na waɗannan shafuka suna biya biyan kuɗi na kwata. Girman su yana ƙaddamar da gwamnatin gida. Ya bambanta tsakanin 30-60 dubu GEL. ($ 12-24 dubu.). Bugu da kari, ƙarin haraji da aka ambata a sama.

At this point in Tbilisi issued 3 authorization Batumi XCHARX 11 (four of them institutions which have recently constructed a hotel room) in Tshaltubo XCHARX 5 and Kazbegi XCHARX 1. Thus, the slot machine room 72 formally operate on gaming laws Georgia 107 betting shops, companies with 3 bingo or lotto, 41 and 3 lottery gambling club.

Don duk bayanan da aka ba da labari Jaridar Wasan kwaikwayo na godiya ga Theon Shiukashvili - Babban Asusun Jojiya na Georgia. Ta yi a wasan kwaikwayo na Georgia Congress a matsayin mai magana, yana da shekaru goma na kwarewa a cikin hukumomin haraji na kasa da ke da alhakin bayar da izni don kungiya ta caca a Georgia.

Bayan samun 'yancin kai, {asar Georgia ta dage kanta don inganta harkokin kasuwancin. Matsayi mai kyau, ba tare da dokar da aka haramta a kan caca ba, har ma da yin biyayya ga masana'antun cinikayya ta hanyar yawancin 'yan siyasa, rashin cin hanci da rashawa, sauƙi na kasuwanci, yanayi mai kyau na haraji ya ba da caca na Georgia da dama abubuwan amfani.

Dokokin doka na caca da casinos a JojiyaThe current Georgian legislation enables legally exist all types of gambling activities. Among the main species – the casino, bookmaking business (including betting), lottery, slot machines parlors, gambling clubs. In the online segment, the law allows the organization of casino, betting and slot machine parlors.

Hanyoyin kungiya ta caca a Jojiya ita ce tsarin na'ura-wasanni na lantarki dole ne su kasance ainihin wurin zama (ƙasa) caca kafa.

Kasuwancin cinikayya a Jojiya an kayyade su ta hanyar ayyukan shari'a:

  • Dokar Georgia "A kan ƙungiyar lotteries, caca da wasanni masu riba" daga 25.03.2005 №1180;
  • Dokar Jojiya a kan "Lissafi da izini" wanda aka rubuta a ranar 24.06.2005 №1775;
  • Dokar Georgia "Aikin lasisi da lasisi" daga 12.08.2003 №2937;
  • Law of Georgia "A kan tarin caca" daga 29.12.2006 №4250;
  • Tax Code of Jojiya daga 17.09.2010 №3591;
  • Wakilin Haɗin Ministan Harkokin Kasuwanci da Ministan Harkokin Jiki na Jojiya "Bayan amincewa da dokoki ga masu yin gwajin gwaje-gwaje izinin caca da sauran wasannin da suka dace" daga 14.12.2011 №611-1013;
  • Shiga Shugaban Kungiyar Kula da Kula da Lafiya na Georgia "A Yarda da Dokar" A kan hanya da kuma yanayin don samun bayanai, tsarinsa, aikin sarrafawa ta Girka da kuma watsawa ta masu shirya wasan kwaikwayo, caca da sauran wasannin da suka dace. "Da kuma" A kan tsari da kuma yanayin samun bayanai, tsarinsa, tsarin kula da kudi na Jirgin Georgia da kuma watsa ta gidan caca "daga 28.07.2004 №94.

Yanayi don samun izni

A Jojiya, hanya mai aminci da bukatun don samun lasisi (lasisi) don ƙungiyar da kuma yin caca.

Dokar doka ta caca a JojiyaSamun izini za a iya rajistar kamfanoni a Jojiya, kuma masu mallakar waɗannan kamfanoni zasu iya zama 'yan ƙasa na Jojiya da sauran kasashen waje.

Samun takardun izini don caca ke dauke da Asusun Mai ba da kyauta na Georgia. Mai bada kyauta dole ne ya mika takardun da ake buƙatar da shi tare da taimakon shafin yanar gizon IRS.

Ƙaunar mai karɓar zaɓin lokaci na bayarwa na takardun ya danganta da saita cajin dokoki na aikin 1 - GEL 2 dubu / $ 830, 5 kwanakin - GEL 800 / $ 330, 10 kwanakin - GEL 400 / $ 365, ma'aikatan 20. kwanaki - kyauta.

Jerin takardun da ake buƙata don samun izini, cikakken isasshen kuma ya dogara da takamaiman caca.

Applicant permission to organize betting, lotteries, promotional lottery submits to the Georgia Revenue Service:

  • wani samfurin daga Jihar Register;
  • daftarin aiki wanda ya tabbatar da biyan bashi;
  • kwangilar tsakanin mai bayarwa da mutum ko ma'aikata da ke samar da tikitin wasanni masu kyauta (sai dai wasanni, shirya a cikin tsarin-hanyar lantarki), yana nuna yawan tikitin da aka yi;
  • yanayi (ka'idoji) na ƙungiya masu riba mai kyau;
  • samfurin tikitin wasanni masu kyau (sai dai wasanni, shirya a cikin tsarin-hanyar lantarki);
  • a game da ƙungiyar yin kasuwanci - wani takardun da ya tabbatar da samar da kyautar kyautar ba ta da ƙasa da 10 dubu GEL / $ 4, 15 dubu.
  • a game da ƙungiyar totalizator a cikin tsari na lantarki (wasa na kan layi) - tsari na tsarin tsarin-lantarki, wanda ya kamata a ƙayyade: ainihin adireshin da za a gudanar da kayan da ya dace da kuma kungiyar, jerin da kaya na wasanni, wuri (s) da kwanan wata don biyan kuɗi, bayanin game da haramtaccen wasa a mutanen da ke karkashin shekaru 18.

Don shirya da kuma gudanar da wasanni na dama a kan Intanit (a layi) zuwa ga mai shiryawa wasan, dole ne ka sami izini ga "ƙasa" na wasan (offline). Bayan karbar izini don wasan ba tare da layi ba, mai mallakar wannan izini yana da hakkin ya yi amfani da sabis na Revenue na Gida na Georgia don izinin yin abubuwan da ke kan layi tare da samar da jerin abubuwan da ke sama.

Izini don shiga ayyukan don kungiya da wasan kwaikwayo na caca a Jojiya yana da amfani ga shekaru 5.

Ƙungiyar da kuma tsarin caca a Georgia

Izinin kudade

Biyan kuɗi don bayar da izini don kungiya ta caca a Georgia an yi a kowace shekara. Da farko, mai bayarwa yana biya don shekara ta farko ta aiki, sannan a kowace shekara ya sake sabunta izinin ta hanyar yin wani biyan kuɗi.

Kudin da izini ya dogara ne akan wurin da ake aiki a filin caca.

Kudin da aka ba izini don tsara caca a Jojiya

Farashin mafi ƙasƙanci don izini don gudanar da ayyukan caca da ke tattare da ƙungiyoyi waɗanda suka tsara irin wannan kasuwancin a yankunan da ke wurin. Wannan manufar tana nufin ci gaba da kayayyakin aikin yawon shakatawa na Georgia.

Saboda haka, shaguna da sauran wuraren caca a garuruwan da ke cikin gari (Borjomi, Batumi, Kobuleti) suna da amfani mai mahimmanci wajen kafa kwamitin don izinin yin kasuwanci.

Musamman ma, yawan kuɗin da ake yi na shekara-shekara domin izinin shirya gidan caca a Batumi shine 250 dubu GEL / $ 103.6 dubu, yayin da Tbilisi - .. GEL 5 miliyan / $ 2 072 250. A wannan yanayin, idan mai karɓa yana da izini don tsara batutuwa a Batumi da ke kafa ɗakin a ƙasar da aka gina tare da kasancewa a ƙasa da 100 ɗakin, ba a biya shi daga biyan kuɗi na 10 shekaru ba. Bugu da ƙari, an ba izini kyauta kyauta a karamar hukumar caca Kazbegi, Tskhaltubo, Sighnaghi.

The situation is similar to the size of the board for permission to conduct other types of gambling (lotteries, sports betting, gambling clubs). For example, the fee for a permit to organize a bookmaker in Tbilisi is GEL 200 thousand / US $ 8.3 thousand per year, while in the territory of administrative districts of Batumi, Kutaisi, Rustavi -XCHARX The whole 80 thousand GEL / $ 33.2 thousand . in year.

cajin gwamnati

Bugu da ƙari, na shekara-shekara na kyauta na izinin caca, batun wannan aiki yana biya adadin kulawa, wanda aka ƙayyade adadin ya dogara da ma'aikata da sikelin kwata:

  • tare da kowane slot na na'ura - GEL 1,5-3 dubu.
  • tare da kowane gidan caca - GEL 15-30 dubu.
  • tare da kowane kulob din caca - GEL 3-10 dubu.
  • kowane wasa a cikin tsarin-hanyar lantarki - GEL 30-60 dubu.
  • tare da kowane tsabar kudi ko riba don wasan kwaikwayo na wasan kwaikwayo a cikin tsarin-hanyar lantarki, wanda yake a waje da abin da aka tsara, bisa ga ƙuduri, don wasanni na dama ko riba - GEL 1-1,5 dubu.
  • tare da kowane zane-zane - 10% na kyautar kyautar.

Ƙila a cikin ƙayyadaddun ƙayyadaddun ƙaddamarwa ta gida ta kafa.


Mai riƙe da izini, wanda bai dace ba da ka'idojin kwangila ya ƙaddamar da kyau da kuma muhimmiyar bukata don daidaita ayyukansa daidai da izinin da ake buƙata, a cikin lokacin ƙayyadaddun da jiki ya bayar. Fines GEL ya bambanta daga dubu. zuwa 10 dubu. / $ 415-4150.

Idan mai riƙe da izini, wanda aka saita lokacin ƙaddamar da shi zuwa ga ka'idojin izinin layi ba a cika wannan buƙatar ba, ya sanya nau'i na biyu a adadin sau uku. Idan bayan ƙarshen kwanan wata, tare da matsayi na biyu na rana mai kyau, mai riƙe da izini bai cika ka'idodin izini ba, adadin kudin na uku. Idan mai riƙe da izini ba zai tilasta yanayin lasisi ba, yanke shawara akan sokewar izinin.

Idan batutuwa na caca ba sa so shekara ta gaba don ci gaba da ayyukan da suke tsammanin ƙuduri, ya isa ga kwanakin kasuwanci na 5 kafin ƙarshen biyan kuɗin shekara don sanar da sabis na cikin gida, wanda ya cancanci izinin.

Hanyar sarrafawa

Babban hukumomin gwamnati da ke kula da aiwatar da izinin masu mallakan caca da bukatun da aka ba da izinin lasisi, su ne Asusun Harkokin Gudanarwa na Georgia, Ma'aikatar Harkokin Harkokin Harkokin Harkokin Jakadancin Georgian da Sashen Kula da Lafiya na Gida.

Ma'aikatar Harkokin Kasuwanci ta tsara caca a Georgia
Ma'aikatar Kuɗi na Georgia

A cikin kwarewarsa, masu kulawa da kulawa zasu lura da amfani da hanyoyin da za a gudanar da magance cin zarafi game da batutuwa na ayyukan caca. Kasuwanci suna duba Asusun Maida hankali game da biyan haraji da dacewa da lokaci. Ma'aikatar Ma'aikatar tana kula da cika ka'idodi na doka game da samuwa na na'urori a kowace ma'aikata don kulawa. Har ila yau, kula da biyan bukatun aiki game da azabar biyan kuɗi (idan aka sanya su). Abu mai mahimmanci shine don samar da gwaji na caca Casino kyauta game da bashin bashi, wanda doka ta haramta ta. Idan an kafa wannan hakki, mai riƙe da izini don kungiya ta caca zai biya babban lada. Idan har aka sake komawa wannan cin zarafin zai yiwu a sake sokewa tare da aikata laifin aikata laifuka na kamfani caca.

Taimakon caca

Georgia - kasar da ke da kyakkyawar manufar haraji, tare da nauyin nauyin haraji.

Ayyukan Bookmaker a Jojiya an biya shi ta hanyar da kowane mai aiki wanda ke da izini don gudanar da irin wannan sana'ar, ya biya bashin bashin 5% VAT. Wannan nauyin haraji ba abu ne mai mahimmanci ga mai riƙe da yarda ba. Duk da haka, wakilan kasuwancin kasuwanci suna da tsammanin cewa mafi kyawun zai zama haraji na 15-20% na yawan ribar da aka samu na caca.

Mai rikitarwa shi ne halin da ake ciki tare da biyan harajin sauran ayyukan a cikin caca (casinos, lotteries, da sauransu). Ƙungiyoyin kasuwanci suna biyan haraji a nauyin 15% na kudaden shiga na ayyuka. Sabili da haka, sun kasance a cikin ka'idodin sauran kasuwanni a kan yankin Georgia - wa] annan ayyukan ne da ba su da dangantaka da tanadi a cikin ayyukan masana'antun caca.

Musamman game da caca

Article 35 of the Law of Georgia XCHARXOn the organization of lotteries, gambling and profitable gamesXCHARX establishes a number of restrictions for the ownerXCHARXs permission to conduct gambling. For example, are not permitted lotteries organization of gambling and profitable games (except promotional lottery), as well as the sale / distribution of lottery tickets, gambling and profitable games (except promotional lottery tickets) in the childrenXCHARXs medical and educational institutions, houses of worship, childrenXCHARXs sanatoriums, libraries, museums, office buildings of state and local authorities, as well as in places prohibited by local authorities.

An haramta shiga cikin caca mutanen da ba su kai shekaru 18 ba, kuma su yi wasa a cikin gidan caca ne ranar tunawa da 21.

Dokar doka na caca a Jojiya a 2016Ƙarin ƙarin aiki na alhakin masu amfani da caca shi ne ya sarrafa yawan kuɗin da masu halartar suka yi don yin caca, daga Ofishin Kula da Kula da Lafiya na Georgia. Kowane mai shiryawa na wasan kwaikwayo ya zama dole ne ya sanar da wakilan mutanen da suke hidima, wadanda suke ciyar da caca fiye da Gel 3 dubu. / $ 1243 kowace rana. Ba'a iya ƙaddamar da sabis don ba da wannan bayanin ga mai aiki ba a yawan GEL daga 2-6 dubu. / $ 830-2490. Tsarin hankali shi ne ƙirƙirar Sashen Kula da Kula da La'akari na Abin da ake kira blacklist - jerin mutanen da aka hana su shiga kowane caca a ƙasar Georgia. Wannan jerin sun hada da wakilan kungiyoyin ta'addanci da kungiyoyin ta'addanci daban-daban.

Domin shekaru da yawa a Jojiya akwai tattaunawa game da buƙata ta dakatar da tallan caca a talabijin, rediyo da wasu kafofin watsa labarai. Amma yanzu tunanin game da mummunan tasiri irin wannan tallace-tallace baya samun goyon baya ga yawan jama'a.